Sites that offer proxies for Nike

For me, as a Nike client become very hard to find proxies that are not banned from So, after trying different proxies providers, I finally can make a review of some of the sites that offers reliable proxies for Nike and not only.

I’ll start with The main reason why I choose to review first this provider of nike proxies is because, so far now, provided me the most decent and not banned proxies for  As I know, they are new on Nike proxies market, but this is not an inconvenient as long as they give me what I need: good proxies for nike and extra fast support.

Beside the clean and virgin proxies, another plus is the live chat support. I don’t know how many people are in staff, but always seems to be someone to resolve my ticket. Nike banned me few proxies and 10 minutes after I made the ticket, they gave me a new list of virgin proxies for Nike.

Mexela sales proxies for Nike in two packages ( of 50 and 100 proxies) and the payment in monthly.

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