Few words about Buyproxies

Unlike mexela.com, which is launched shortly on proxies market, buyproxies.org has become a name on proxies selling. I even can say that they are number one when is about quality proxies and affordable prices in the same time.

Buyproxies is selling proxies for a very large area of interest: GSA, Scrapebox, Lead Kahuna, Facebook, Ticketmaster, Twitter, Tumblr, Xrumer, Amazon, Wikipedia, and not only.

I am an old client of Buyproxies and I’m not going to leave them too soon as long they provide me quality proxies for Ticketmaster and good support. So, if you need a big amount of proxies for Ticketmaster, I truly recomand you these guys.

Other positive aspects are the great speed and uptime.

The ips are available for 30 days and after this period you have two options: to continue with the same proxies or to get new ones (as I know, they change the servers frequently, so they have fresh proxies all the time).

The proxies are dedicated and semi-dedicated and they come with user and password but also you have the option to use them without user and password. In this case, you have a link for ip authentication.





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